Chacra Magazine, July 27 2020

It is the solar power plant La Moraleja with 410.40 Kw of power, in Salta Province, that supplies part of the electricity demand of the industrial processing plant.

This is a project that will gradually allow to provide a 30% of the annual electricity consumption of La Moraleja, an agro- industrial company located in the city of Luis Burela, informed the developer.

To comply with the standards required in Law 27.191 of Renewable Energy Sources, the company dedicated to the lemon production and industrialization La Moraleja, with a farm in Salta, came to an agreement with SAESA to supply 30% of its annual consumption during 2020.
Solar generation facilities increased in Argentina since the construction of large-scale parks already developed within the framework of Renovar Plan, reflecting contracts with the State as a counterparty as well as providing to the term market with contracts between privates.