Given the importance of the area where the farm is located, as a natural corridor linked to the Pizarro National Reserve, in Salta, La Moraleja is working with the ProYungas Foundation. They have developed a restoration and conservation plan in the region.

The proposal is framed within the context of the National Restoration Strategy promoted by the National Ministry of Environment. La Moraleja and ProYungas are working in four areas: A) Restoration of intervened areas; B) Monitoring of biodiversity; C) Implementation of private conservation areas; D) Contribution to regional conservation.

The actions are the following:
A) Restoration of intervened areas: This is done in 1,080 hectares, through a reforestation plan with native species and intervention for their natural recovery.

B) Monitoring of biodiversity: Collect key information on flora and fauna to evaluate the response of selected natural species to restoration actions, as well as the coherent integration of productive activities and wild environments in the area

C) Private preservation areas in the remaining forest spaces within the farm, under the figure of Private Reserve. The proposal will include 6,566 hectares of forest, including 1,080 restored hectares.

D) Contribution to regional preservation, in support of the efforts of the Province of Salta to add natural areas to the Pizarro National Reserve, in accordance with the criteria and methodologies defined by the National Administration of National Parks.