BICHOS DE CAMPO, July 27 2020

One third of La Moraleja’s electricity consumption will be provided by a solar power plant.

La Moraleja is one of those agro-industrial companies that everyone admires and envies. With fields in Apolinario Saravia, one of the most undeveloped areas at the east of Salta, is global leader in lemon production and industrialization. Currently it processes 150 tonnes of that citrus, has exclusive contracts with major brands of beverages and exports more than 55 million dollars a year in high value-added products such as oil, juice and lemon peel.
The agricultural and industrial production of La Moraleja, a company of Spanish Capitals, is totally integrated in the farm that it possesses in Salta. It has a plantation of approximately 4.200 hectares in one module and is one of the largest employers in the region. Bichos de campo travelled to the farm and had the opportunity to see something that is very unusual in the area: the total employment that La Moraleja generates is in the formal sector.
If all these things are already to admire, it is known now that La Moraleja is venturing in the renewable energies area. It has installed a solar park that will gradually provide a 30% of the annual electricity consumption in the agro- industrial company.
The civil work, located in the city of Luis Burela, was entrusted to SAESA, a leading Argentinean company in the gas and renewable energies commercialization. This was the firm that has informed us that it has already put into operation the solar power plant “La Moraleja” with 410.4 KW of power.
“In the first instance, solar photovoltaic panels will provide approximately 10% of the annual electricity consumption of the industrial plant of the lemon process” said. But to comply with the standards required in Law 27.191 of Renewable Energy Sources, La Moraleja projects that SAESA will provide renewable energy for 30% of its annual consumption during 2020.