Industrial process

Our industry is prepared to process more than a thousand tons of lemons a day. The whole grinding and industrialization process is performed with state-of-the-art technology. Our facilities surpass the twenty-five thousand square meters. Our highly equipped laboratory conducts more than seven hundred daily tests to verify the production quality throughout all its stages.


Clarified 380 GPL
Clarified 383 GPL
Clarified 390 GPL
Clarified 400 GPL
Clarified 480 GPL
Clarified 500 GPL
Clarified 550 GPL
Clarified 600 GPL

Turbid 400 GPL
Turbid 480 GPL
Turbid 500 GPL
Turbid 550 GPL

Citric extract 200 GPL
Aqueous phase


Lemon essential oil
Distilled lemon oil
Oily phase of lemon


Dehydrated lemon peel