Within the framework of the Rural Literacy Program, the graduation ceremony was held on August 30 for the 34 rural workers of the La Moraleja company, who completed the learning process that began at the beginning of June.

During the event in which certificates were delivered to those who completed literacy training, the provincial delegate of RENATRE, Gonzalo Caro Dávalos, the coordinator of the Equal Opportunities and Gender team of the UATRE, Gabriela Frenchi, and the Head of Resources were present. Humans of La Moraleja, Jorge Galeano.

The purpose of the PAR is to develop an intensive literacy action in the rural population, in order to improve the quality of life of workers and promote their entry into the formal labor market under conditions of equality.

For Juan Luis, one of the Program participants, it was very transcendental in his life: “I learned mathematics, I learned to divide and multiply. I learned everything there is to learn properly, to be able to do the shopping and the procedures.”

La Moraleja

Rural workers from the original communities of Wichís, Tobas and Pilagás signed up for the PAR to carry out the literacy process that allows them to have essential tools. Those who were trained are harvesters (migrants) who live in the Province of Formosa and the North of the Province of Salta.

The education of people who have learned to read and write was developed in the LMSA classrooms.

The course consisted of 30 classes, 30 hours of teaching, that is, the classes that were originally intended to last 1.30 hours, and 20 classes, became 1 hour long and instead of 20 classes, 30 classes were given to make up the entire scheduled time.

In this edition, 50 people enrolled in the program and it has been approved by 34 of them. The remaining 16 people were not able to complete the course because they did not return to their jobs.

Thanks to the two literacy processes carried out by La Moraleja, 94 people were able to learn reading and writing.