La Moraleja S.A., faithful to the imperative needs of the markets and in order to keep great respect to its clients, has the following certifications:


Food safety management system.

ISO 9001:2008

Quality management systems.


Good agricultural practices + risk assessment in social practices


Having Kosher certification guarantees the consumer the integrity, nature and quality of the product, as well as its aptitude for consumption for religious reasons. The Kosher seal represents the absence of prohibited products in the elaboration and the strict cleaning and sanitation of the equipment before production.


Certificate of plant approval.
HALAL implies that it is “allowed” by the Islamic Religion and it is based on precepts that contemplate aspects of hygiene and healthiness. We say that a product is Halal for Islamic consumption when it complies with the prerogatives issued from the Islamic doctrine.

SGF (Sure Global Fair)

It confirms compliance with food regulations, the AIJN/CoP industrial standard and a control system that includes the following aspects: safety, authenticity, hygiene, sustainability, traceability and labeling.

Good agricultural practices

Certificate of registration

Sustainability Certificate

Verification Audit Statement